Wamboin Rural Fire Brigade

The Wamboin Rural Fire Brigade is part of the Lake George Zone of the NSW Rural Fire Service. We are a volunteer organisation that services the Wamboin, Bywong and Sutton Park communities


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Lake George Zone Wamboin Community Association Bywong Community Association

Current and forecast Fire Danger Rating We are in the Southern Ranges.

Have you seen smoke or a fire?

Ring “000” for all emergencies or download and use the EMERGENCY PLUS app from your App Store.

Do not call the Wamboin Fire Station as it is not manned, except when training or maintenance are taking place.

Intending to carry out a pile burn or hazard reduction burn?

From 1st October until the end of the fire danger season, you need to have a fire permit.

And you also need to notify the RFS and all of your neighbours at least 24 hours before you light up.

Significant fines and other penalties can be incurred for lighting a fire without having a permit and carrying out the notifications.

To get a permit, contact the Lake George District Fire Control Centre in Queanbeyan on (02) 6128 0600, Mon-Fri during business hours. They will discuss your requirements and then ask the local brigade to send a Fire Permit Officer to visit your site to look at the intended burn and your precautions before issuing a permit.

Please note that we can only issue permits for vegitation (e.g. prunings). We cannot issue permits for building materials, old furniture, treated logs and anything else that is not vegetation.

Our Fire Permit Officers are all volunteers, so it may take a number of days to get to your site in our queue.

Once you have your permit, there are still two procedural things you must do at least 24 hours before lighting up:

  • Notify all of your neighbours (front, sides and rear)
  • Notify the Nsw Rural Fire Service using the online notification service at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/notify
    You can scan and use this QR code to access the notification service:

    ** if you cannot use the online form, contact the Queanbeyan Fire Control Centre on (02) 6128 0600, Mon-Fri during business hours

It’s a good idea to check the RFS website and look up “Standards for Pile Burns” and "Before you light that Fire". These guides help you to prepare and advise you how to safely burn off vegetation, and what is and is not allowed to be burnt, as there are restrictions.

We have also linked a copy of the video "Handy hints for pile burning" on our Resources page.


Are you ready for the bush fire season?

Know your risk this bush fire season and prepare well ahead. Get prepared now at myfireplan.com.au

Our Fire Danger Rating system and signs

The national Fire Danger Rating System is used by the NSW RFS.

You may have seen the five signs in our brigade area that are managed on a daily basis by our volunteers during the fire danger period. They are not normally set or changed outside of the fire danger period.

This national system is based on advances in science over the last 50 years and is now applied consistently across all states and territories - helpful to us with our NSW-ACT boundaries.

More information is available from the NSW RFS website here.

Looking for information about a current incident?

If you need information about a current fire or incident, please try these resources:

Please do not call the Wamboin Brigade Captain's mobile during incidents as this number is used for logistical communications (especially when radio networks are in marginal areas or congested), to organise crews and for our initial and ongoing response. Calling it for general information can be disruptive to the operation of the brigade crews and allocated tasks.

Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon training

The brigade has two set training sessions each month:

  • First Tuesday of the month, 7:30pm - 9:30pm
  • Third Saturday of the month, 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Unless otherwise advised, training kicks-off at the Wamboin Fire Station, 112 Bingley Way, Wamboin.

Our Field Officers

Position Officer
Captain Nev Schroder email
Senior Deputy Captain Matt Jackson
Deputy Captains Dave Cochrane
Don Evans
Ash Laidler
Tim Barter
Matt O'Brien

Our Executive

Position Person
President Scott Campey
Vice President David Saunderson
Secretary Rod Williams email
Treasurer Kevin Rowe email
Community Education Richard Hobbs
Support Crew Jane O'Brien
Maintenance Chris Murdock
Training Officer Dave Cochrane
Membership Secretary Rachael Jackson email
Junior and Youth Co-ordinator Maddie Jackson
Committee Member Pierre Skorich